Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hungry's Week 9 NFL Picks

Well the Hungry Guy's back above .500 - no turning back now. I told you idiots to strike while the iron was hot. Let's hope you did...

NFL: 17-15

Colts -2: Texans and Colts are both coming off a bye week. The Colts will probably be all pumped up after beating the Broncos at home (yeah I picked that one too) and the Texas just plain STINK. Their season is over. My guess is only half the team shows up for the rest of the season. This season the Colts have looked pretty good on the road and the Texas stink everywhere.

Falcons/Panthers O 45: Spraying for the first time this year. Last week I teased for the first time and that hit - so I mean.... Look, both of these teams can score.The Panthers are starting to look good. I have not doubt they will contribute their half to the total. Let's hope Atlanta at least tries for the first half. This over should hit.

Dallas -9.5: This has blowout written all over it. The Vikings haven't come within 10 in their last 3 games. Dallas NEEDS this game (which worries me that Romo will just lay down and blow it) and they're back at home after that terrible last second loss last week. I can guarantee that locker room is all about redemption this week. 34-10

Saints -6.5: Squares and marbles prolly hate this game, but the Saints are damn good. The only team they really can't beat is TOM. Having already studied both teams inside and out I have no problem spending the coin before the game even starts. No way the Jets keep up. NO WAY

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