Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Heisman Trophy - Stats Pick Winners

In 2011 I started a comparison of the Heisman candidate's stats to see if they might be able to predict a winner.  That year it ended up a tie between the Honey Badger and RGIII.  Last year it predicted Manziel would take it home.  This year it's quite a diverse class of QBs and RBs, but I don't think the stats will give us the whole story, check it out the breakdown.

Here are the rules for the system:
  • All offensive stats require at least three instances to be considered.
  • Top three players ranked in each category and earn points accordingly (1:3, 2:2, and 3:1)
  • Tie-break: The player's team ranking in the BCS

Lynch Wins!!!

Or not... Last year I had included Lynch in the comparison just for kicks because he had monster stats, no different than this year, but we all know because of his competition he doesn't stand a real chance.  While Winston actually falls to the bottom because he's primarily a pocket passer, I'd have my money on him.

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