Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hungry's Week 13 NFL Picks


It has been kind of a tough year but if you think about it all my losses have come on BS calls or BS garbage plays so I'm guessing that part of the season is over.

Pats -7: We're actually fortunate that the Pats decided to go with all JV high school football players to play with Tom this year. That way, it takes a few weeks for them to start crushing teams and we can benefit from some low spreads. The Texas just aren't even competitive anymore and the Patriots just started their real season. They'll murder the Texans by about 50. Matter of fact, grab the first half too.

Pats 1H -4: See above

Chiefs +8: Being +8 at home is a slap in the face. Apparently they're a little banged up, but if they can't keep it close today then they should just quit the rest of the season. Tom exposed the Broncos big time last week and EVERYTHING I PREDICTED  IN THAT GAME CAME TRUE .. Peyton won't be as scared as he was last week, but he still can't play in the cold or in big games. Plus the Pats need the Chiefs to win for the 1 seed.

Chiefs/Broncos o48: This puppy is going way over. Just be ready for some points that's all I'm saying

Tampa/Panthers o41: Good lord was that a type-o? The Panthers will get theirs at home and Tampa all of a sudden seems to have learned how to score. SPRAY

 Chargers +2: What am I missing here? (Nothing). The Marbles
Marble Rye
clearly think Cinci is coming to play today because they had a bye week. However, they are terrible on the road and reality has begun to sink in with their offense: They-freakin-STINK! The Chargers have only lost 2 at home this year - 1st game of the season (don't count) and against the Broncos. Also, they're playing to stay alive in the playoff hunt. They'll do the job today.

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