Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hungry's Week 16 NFL Picks

well 3-1 last week i guess you could say the Hungry guy eatin' again....

Dallas -3: I guess maybe it's the Christmas spirit, but I am going to look past last week (what a joke Romo is) and assume they keep their playoff hopes alive today against the dreadful Redskins. This game really even shouldn't be close.

Vikings +7: Good lord the Bengals are so overrated. The Vikings will keep this thing close and they might even win. Plus we need the Bengals to lose to stop with this "catching the Patriots in the playoff race nonsense"

Pats +3: Okay so 1 lockness in my entire lifetime didn't pan out last week. Well they will bounce back today. Remember Tom don't lose 2 in a row. Ever. Rules are rules

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