Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Bracket Picks: Elite 8 Deep Sleepers

This is to try and identify some potential Elite 8 sleeper teams based on historical profiles.

Going back to 2009, there have been five teams to reach the Elite 8 with an LRMC rank higher than 25: Marquette (2013), VCU, Butler and Florida (2011) and Tennessee (2010).  Of these five team, four of them had a better OE rank than DE rank, and the OE rank was less than 60.  Using that same criteria, here is a list of teams that match that profile…

Oddly enough the top three options are all in the bottom half of the West region, but many people are already talking about the Bears as a team to watch, so not sure it totally qualifies as a sleeper.

I haven't been hearing a whole lot about the Friars in the 11 seed, but they certainly have a respectable enough profile to warrant consideration in a weaker bottom half of the East.

While they won't be an Elite 8 pick for me, based on the numbers and top 10 stats, I really believe New Mexico State will be a handful for San Diego State in the first round.  I'll probably pick the upset just because this is the second time I've mentioned it in a post.

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