Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ESPN College Football Challenge: Week 1 Strategy + Roster

Last year was my best ever College Football Challenge, finishing in the top 100. Here's a recap of my strategy that I used last year:
  • QBs: Dual threat QBs (Mariota) or Option QBs who might throw a TD here or there (C. Fajardo) . The rushing yards and TDs really add up, just ask Keenan Reynolds.
  • WRs/RBs: Find a top 20 player going against a bottom 20 rushing or passing defense.  Obviously more credit for a player if they are in a run or pass heavy offense.
  • K: High scoring offenses against weakest opponent (Typically an FCS team)
  • Def: Find the best team against the weakest opponent  (Typically an FCS team)

What you have to watch out for is when a game can get too out of hand in a first half.  There were instances last year when Baylor was crushing at halftime and the starters didn't see time in second half.

Week 1 Roster

Alternate Week 1 Options
  • QBs: Bryce Petty (BAY) and Taysom Hill (OD)
  • RBs: Jahwan Edwards (BALL) 
  • WRs: Deontay Granberry (HOU) and Justin Hardy (NCCU)
  • K: Oregon Ducks
  • Def: Oregon Ducks and Florida Gators


  1. Just a heads up on Muema -http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/05/13/after-not-being-drafted-by-the-seahawks-adam-muemas-done/

    1. Yeahhhh, about that... Swapped for Travis Greene.

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