Thursday, September 18, 2014

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 3 Roster (*UPDATE*)

UPDATE - With Foster most likely out, I'm swapping Morris back in this week.

Off to a strong start this year. No value picks this week, sorry I just didn't have the time, and wanted to get this out before tonight's game.


  1. Any value pick for defense? What do you think of Colts?

    Also, who did you pick instead of Adrian Peterson last week?

  2. Yeah I think anyone against the Jags is still a pretty safe bet. The Saints at home against the Vikings should be solid as well for a value play.

    Last week I dropped in Alfred Morris at the last minute, but unfortunately couldn't update the blog.

  3. Adrian Foster is listed as questionable, who would be your backup choice if he is not playing tomorrow? thanks!