Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hungry's Week 4 NFL Picks

Well after a slow start the hungry guy is absolutely LIGHTING IT UP this year in NFL. "Gomer Ron" had a tough day on the card yesterday so I thought I would come back to the publication and write a typical, hungry-no-loss-all-wins piece to get things back on track.

Packers -1.5: Wow congratulations to the Bears for beating the Jets by 8 last week on MNF... You managed to barely win after the Jets coughed it up 3 times and gave away points all night. No, congrats that's really great... The Packers need a win in the worst way and even though AR is a mid tier QB as best he knows how to beat the NFC North. Look for the Pack to roll - and for to roll around on the ground drunk as a result...

Colts -7: The Colts are kind of terrible, but Andrew Luck got what it takes to win at home. One of these 1-2 teams needs to turn things around this week and it won't be the Titans. My goodness how did they beat KC in week 1? Only explanation is because I took it, but aside from that these guys STINK!!!

Lions -1.5: Here is some recent fan mail i received: "Man there must be another lock on this card somewhere - week 4 is where the Hungry guy eats.." - Ben Miller
Remember that Jet squad I just described? Well they are about to face a semi-legit team this week (don't let me down Detroit) which means they have NO CHANCE. my guess is this misses off of some BS turn over in the last minute, but if that doesn't happen I will be glad I played

Probably more to come...

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