Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hungry's Week 5 NFL Picks

Well Well Well it would appear that the Hungry Guy's hot streak has officially been extended for the entirety of the 2014/2015 NFL season! I guess it makes it easier on me that Vegas don't seem to know what they are doing this  year. Or perhaps I really am just two steps ahead... huh.

Eagles -4: This is a perfect example of Vegas being a few steps behind. Could it be a trap? Nope. St. Louis hasn't played anyone that's even close to as good as Philly yet. The best game they've played has to have been against Dallas and they FAILED the eye test big time. My goodness this might be a 21 point game. Silly, really.

Colts -3: Can I ask why people are taking the Ravens in this game? They are such a freaking joke and it ain't even funny! The fact is the Colts are clicking and the loser Flacco don't got what it takes to keep up. The colts will show up to win at home by a TD

Arizona +7.5: This is not last year's Bronco team. Arizona keeps this one close and might even stun the world at Mile High today.

PATS +3: Yeah the Pats sure looked awful last week. However this one's at home. Tom is pissed, Bill is pissed and Cincinnati is the most overrated team in the league. This line insults me

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