Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hungry's Week 8 NFL Picks

Man this run I'm on is unbelievable. You know it's just eating Ron alive too #LMFAO

Weird card this week but I have uncovered a couple of mismatches because I can pick a winner 

Baltimore - 2: the Ravens and Bangels are both traveling 100 miles an hour - in the opposite direction.  As much as I hate it, Baltimore is flat out a superior team here. And don't give me that tough road conference rivalry game BS either. It don't matter in this match-up. 

Eagles - 1: God read the Baltimore /Cinci post do I have to say it twice? Have you ever watched Arizona play?! Crunching the numbers on this game I have it at a conservative 33-24.

Pats - 5.5: come at me for being a Homer I dare you. The fact is I am on fire and this game is a perfect example of my fuel. The Bears will not be able to pass the ball like they need to today and Tom 12 got that look in his eyes

Green Bay + 2.5: the Saints STINK. AR is playing decent. Andy will call out of work tomorrow. 

I am the chalk

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