Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 NCAA Bracket - Sweet 16 and Elite 8: Pomeroy + LRMC (ESPN Second Chance)

After the dust settles on the first (second) and second (third) rounds, I always go back and see how my KenPom OE/DE and LRMC profiles held up, and see how teams are trending.

If you followed my picks, you'll see that all of my Elite 8 teams are still alive! To read the "Change" numbers, if a team has a "Positive (+)" change, it means they improved their OE or DE, and vice versa.

A few items of note:

If you're partaking in ESPN's Second Chance Bracket, here would be my updated recommendations (note my only change to my own bracket would be ND over WSU):
  • East
    • Louisville over NC State
    • Michigan State over Oklahoma
      • Louisville over Michigan State (The Spartan's FTs scare me...)
  • West
    • Wisconsin over North Carolina
    • Arizona over Xavier
      • Arizona over Wisconsin
  • Midwest
    • Kentucky over West Virginia
    • Notre Dame over Wichita State (The size of ND with their outside shooting gets it done.)
      • Kentucky over Notre Dame
  • South
    • Duke over Utah
    • Gonzaga over UCLA
      • Duke over Gonzaga (Jalil Okafor)
  • Final Four
    • Kentucky over Arizona
    • Duke over Louisville
  • National Championship
    • Kentucky over Duke (69 - 64)

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