Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 NCAA Final Bracket: Picks & Thoughts (Part 6)

It's long overdue, but here's the bracket...

Items of note:

  • Sweet 16 Sleepers: NC State, Stephen F. Austin, and Texas
  • Elite 8 and Final 4 Sleeper: Louisville
Random thoughts:
  • Louisville will make me look like a genius or an idiot. My initial gut said Louisville was the play, but I changed it to have Northern Iowa in the Elite 8, only to change it back last second. I'm going to give the benefit of the tourney experience doubt that they get it together to make a run.
  • Virginia is out of contention in my opinion due to the unknown of the Anderson injury.  See Joel Embiid of last year... (Yes I know I made Virginia an Elite 8 lock, but with no better news on Anderson, I can't justify it.)
  • I originally had Notre Dame and Iowa State in the Elite 8, but I couldn't justify both of their non-Pomeroy+LRMC friendly profiles.  Also, I think those teams are getting a lot more visibility given they won their conference tourneys. 
  • I won't be surprised if UNC knocks off the Badgers.  The Tar Heels would be the first team they've faced that I think could put them in a hole by half-time and then keep the defensive pressure up on the three-point line to not let them back in it.
  • Only one expert picked Kansas in the Elite 8. Both Wichita and Kansas have a top Pomeroy + LRMC profile, but I'm leaning on the experts who favor the Shockers.
  • Just like last year when I noted that I thought the tourney would unfold like the one in 2011, I think this one will likely resemble the one of 2012 when Kentucky rolled through the field.

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