Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pick the 2015 NCAA Tournament Champion: Top 10 Stats - (Part 2)

2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket National Champion Picks

Here's the criteria I look at when reviewing the candidates for a NCAA Tournament Champion:
  1. First, the champion has been a 1, 2, or 3 seed for 31 of the last 36 years (86%), so that narrows it down to 12 teams.  
  2. From there, the past 13 National Champions have finished in the top 10 in at least one of the stat categories listed below. I use ESPN's stats, and that's as far back they post stats. Overlap those two and you get the list of teams highlighted in green for who you should consider for your championship pick:
Find 2015 NCAA National Champion with Top 10 Stats

Reviewing the stats, I'm not buying Gonzaga's overload of top 10's given they just dominate a mid-major conference. 

IMO: It's the obvious play based on an undefeated season, but I think this just solidifies Kentucky as the National Champion pick.

FWIW: Texas, as an 11 seed, with two top 10 stat rankings appears to have the  most UConn-like profile (26 LRMC, 80 OE + 11 DE, two top 10 stat ranks) when you factor in their OE rank of 42 + DE rank of 19 and an LRMC of 21. 

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